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Ken Holland Provides A Major Update On the Future of the Edmonton Oilers

Published December 15, 2023 at 12:03


In Edmonton, General Manager Ken Holland is likely pleased with the team's performance following a coaching shift in November. The appointment of Kris Knoblauch and Paul Coffey as coaches has spurred the Oilers into an 8-game winning streak, indicating a positive direction for the team.

Ken Holland Pleased with Recent Winning Streak

The Oilers are improving in all aspects, as reflected in their metrics. Despite this, Holland's recent interaction with reporter Tony Brar suggested a reluctance to reveal his strategies for further team improvement. Holland seems content with maintaining the status quo rather than actively seeking enhancements through trades or acquisitions.

A couple of points from my chat with Ken Holland:
- EDM taking a «week-to-week» approach re: goaltending in organization.
- Oilers will stick with Skinner/Pickard until at least Christmas
- Holloway is «a couple of weeks away.»

Dylan Holloway's recovery from a knee injury, sustained in a game against the New York Islanders, is a point of interest. Holland had hoped for a comeback season for Holloway, who has been hampered by injuries.

The team's goaltending and defense have notably improved. Yet, there are concerns about Jack Campbell's ability to return to the Oilers. This situation may prompt Holland to consider acquiring another goaltender. However, financial constraints, particularly the salary cap, could make such a move challenging.

Oilers GM Remains Steady Behind The Wheel

For now, Holland is likely to observe the team's current performance. However, for a successful playoff run, relying solely on goaltenders Skinner and Pickard might not be sufficient. Holland may need to explore other options to strengthen the team's chances for a long postseason journey.

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Ken Holland Provides A Major Update On the Future of the Edmonton Oilers

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