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Massive Patrik Laine Trade Scenario Surfaces Landing Him On Interesting Team

Published December 15, 2023 at 11:21

The Columbus Blue Jackets are sellers this year, there's no question about it. Now that Laine is out with an injury, the time to trade him could be now.

Massive Trade Scenario Emerges Landing Laine in Washington

Patrik Laine has been struggling this year and suffered another injury last night that is looking to keep him out for some time. With the Columbus Blue Jackets emerging as the potential sellers for this season, now could be the time to trade Laine and give him the change of scenery he needs while returning some assets.

Eric Duhatschek of the Athletic thinks that this could be with the Washington Capitals, specifically letting Laine be mentored by the great Alex Ovechkin before he retires.

«That supreme, almost-Ovechkin-like confidence Laine once had in his ability to score goals seems as if it's completely disappeared. Could landing in Washington, as potentially Ovechkin's successor, be the change of venue that he needs? Hard to say. Maybe it would.»

Trading Laine Could Prove Difficult for the Blue Jackets

A trade including Laine could be difficult for the Blue Jackets to work, as Laine has struggled this year, recording just 9 points in 18 games played. With his large contract running into 2026, its unlikely that the Jackets will find a home for him unless they retain some salary.

Bruce Garroch wrote about a potential Laine move and had the following to say.

«There has been talk that Laine may be traded but, let's be clear, he has never asked to be moved. His deal runs through the 2025-26 campaign and, unless the Jackets are willing to eat a portion of the contract, then there's no chance Laine is going anywhere,»

We will see if Laine can come back from his most recent injury with a new found intensity to help him get over the mediocre start of the year.

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Massive Patrik Laine Trade Scenario Surfaces Landing Him On Interesting Team

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