Jack Campbell Finally Speaks Out And Throws Shade at the Oilers

Published November 10, 2023 at 6:50 PM

Perhaps the only thing worse than being a skater for the Edmonton Oilers right now is being a goaltender for the Edmonton Oilers. The team certainly has not made it easy on their goalies but their goalies have not bailed them out either. Jack Campbell was famously waived and sent to the AHL as a result of his performance and now he's speaking out about it.

Oilers Goalie Campbell Speaks Out About Being Sent Down

Jack was understandably upset when he learned that he would be playing in the American Hockey League again. He probably though those days were behind him when he signed a four-year 20 million dollar contract last offseason. What he had to say about being sent down is actually kind of surprising.

"Pretty tough, not going to lie... I felt like I was playing well, had some confidence, but obviously the numbers were not good enough."

It is kind of hard to tell if Campbell thinks the demotion was warranted or not. When he says the numbers were not good enough, is that him taking personal responsibility, or is that him saying he only got sent down because his numbers were terrible, even though he was actually playing well?

Oilers Fans React To Campbell's Statement

It seems like Campbell thought he was playing well, which is confusing. Fans were quick to call him out for this.

One Fan on Instagram called Campbell 'delusional.' Another had this to say about him.

"If he was playing well I'd hate to see his bad play."

It is hard to disagree with these fans. Campbell's numbers speak for themselves this season. In the NHL he has an .873 save percentage and a 4.5 goals-against-average to go along with his 1-4 record. Even his first AHL game of the season went horribly as he gave up 4 goals on 20 shots for a .800 save percentage as the Condors lost. Regardless of how anyone feels about the situation, the Oilers need to address their goaltending problem and fast.
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Jack Campbell Finally Speaks Out And Throws Shade at the Oilers

Will Campbell ever be a regular in the NHL again?

Yes, as a backup15032.5 %
Yes, he can still be a starter9119.7 %
Only as a 3rd stringer9320.1 %
No12827.7 %
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