Insider Reveals The Approximate Amount For Evan Bouchard's Next Deal

Published August 16, 2023 at 9:24

We now know what to expect for Evan Bouchard's next deal.

Bouchard's Talent

Among the offseason deals yet to happen, Evan Bouchard's is arguably the most impactful. The young defenseman for the Oilers is yet to sign his new contract despite being arguably their most valuable defenseman.

After being drafted 10th overall in 2018, Bouchard has developed into a promising player at the NHL level. Coming off of his second full season, he is looking to reach a new level.

Bouchard's combination of talent and age leaves many to wonder what he can do as he comes into his own. After a solid 40-point season in the 2022-23 regular season, Bouchard exploded in the playoffs with 17 points in 12 games showing his true potential as a defenseman.

Bouchard's New Deal Known?


In a recent article for the Edmonton Journal, Kurt Leavins revealed what the Oilers intend on doing with Bouchard.

"Nothing new yet on the Evan Bouchard deal. The chatter is that the two sides are "close". While I still expect the AAV to come in at around $3.9m, I wonder if we might see a deal that escalates a little from Year 1 to Year 2?" - Kurt Leavins

With $3.5 million in cap space, a $3.9 million deal would put the Oilers over the cap but that is little issue as they can place a player on waivers or trade a more expensive player to give them the necessary space to sign Bouchard.

After this bridge deal ends, we will have a better idea of what Bouchard will be able to do in the coming decade for Edmonton.

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Insider Reveals The Approximate Amount For Evan Bouchard's Next Deal

What will Bouchard sign for?

Less than 3.9 million2042.6 %
More than 3.9 million1327.7 %
3.9 million exactly1429.8 %
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