Former NHLer Trashes the Edmonton Oilers in Recent Interview

Published December 13, 2023 at 2:03 PM

Former NHLer PK Subban, has just made another controversial take about an NHL franchise. This time the team he went after was the Edmonton Oilers in a recent interview.

Subban Trashes The Edmonton Oilers in Recent Interview

The former Montreal Canadiens defenseman was on the Pat McAfee show as a guest and went on to talk about his opinions on the Oilers this season. It is clear to see that he is not a fan of their performances this season.

Subban continued his rant against the Oilers and began to attack the city calling it "deadmonton" due to its harsh conditions. The former NHLer has been a very vocal personality since leaving the league.

Even Pat McAfee was making jokes about where Edmonton is and cracking jokes about if it was a city or province.

The Oilers Remarkable Season Turn Around

The Oilers started off the season incredibly bad, contending with the Sharks for the worst record in the Pacific division, they ended up firing their Head Coach, Jay Woodcroft.

The Oilers were 3-9-1 when they relieved Woodcroft of his duties and hired McDavid's former junior coach, Kris Knoblauch. Incredibly the team has pulled a complete 180, the Oilers are currently 10-3 under their new coach.

McDavid is looking like himself again as he has been on a tear collecting 28 points in those 13 games and the rest of the OIlers roster has returned to their form.

The Oilers now sit fourth in the Pacific division and are looking to continue to climb the division.

As Seen on Oilers Daily - PK Subban trashes the Edmonton Oilers on Pat McAfee Show
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Former NHLer Trashes the Edmonton Oilers in Recent Interview

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