Evander Kane Accuses Player of Intentionally Trying to Hurt Him

Published December 10, 2023 at 10:48

The incident was controversial enough to begin with. Now, we have a player accusing another of intentionally trying to hurt him with his skate.

Evander Kane says Minnesota Player Tried to Hurt Him Intentionally

Evander Kane of the Edmonton Oilers was involved in an incident on Friday during a game against the Minnesota Wild that many felt should have earned Kane a penalty at the very least. Kane received no discipline whatsoever for the hit on Jonas Brodin. The only penalty was given to Ryan Hartman, who tried to go after Kane for hurting his teammate.

Asked about the incident following an Oilers' practice, Kane flat-out accused Hartman of intentionally trying to hurt him.

"I made a hit. Got punched in the face. And then had a skate dragged over my face on purpose."

Player Accused of Intent to injure by Evander Kane

Pressed on whether he really felt the skate dragging was intentional, Kane doubled-down.

"I believe so, yeah."

Kane's comments, and the incident in question, are contained in the video below.

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Evander Kane Accuses Player of Intentionally Trying to Hurt Him

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