Edmonton Oilers Forced to Pay Millions to Add Forward to the Lineup

Published November 18, 2023 at 2:41 PM

The Edmonton Oilers are in desperation mode, and it looks like they are about to pay millions in order to add this forward in an attempt to turn the season around.

Connor Brown Set To Return to Oilers Lineup Today

Connor Brown has missed the last two weeks with a lower-body injury and is set to make his return to the lineup this afternoon with the Oilers. Brown was previously getting top-6 minutes to start the year, and he is expected to make a return to the Oilers top line.

Connor Brown leads the stretch here in Tampa.

Appears he's set to return to the lineup on Saturday. #Oilers

Brown skating on a line with RNH and McDavid.

He will return to the lineup tomorrow.

He was playing quite well the five games prior to tweaking his groin, and he needs to get back to that level right away.

Brown started the year slow production wise for the Oilers, however, there's hope that his return will spark the team to continue to turn around their season.

Oilers Will Pay Handsomely For Brown's Services Tonight As They Will Have to Pay Him Millions For Tonight's Game

The interesting thing about Brown's contract and the game tonight is that it is his 10th of the season. Brown's current salary is only $775,000, however, he will receive a $3.225 million bonus for playing 10 games. The amount will count towards next season's cap hit.

Connor Brown will play his 10th game for the Oilers tomorrow. This means his $3.225M performance bonus will kick in and count against EDM's cap next season.

Hopefully, for the Oilers, this proves to be worth it in another attempt to turn the season around. If Brown doesn't play up to his bonus, though, it could prove costly in the long run.

As seen on Puck Reporter - "Edmonton Oilers Set To Overpay Fringe Forward In Desperate Attempt To Spark Success"
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Edmonton Oilers Forced to Pay Millions to Add Forward to the Lineup

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