Connor McDavid Disappoints Fans in Beer League Championship

Published August 20, 2023 at 7:47 PM

In a surprising turn of events, Connor McDavid and his beer league hockey team have suffered a disappointing exit from their championship aspirations.

McDavid's Beer League Misstep

Connor McDavid recently caught attention for taking part in a beer league hockey game. While most NHL players focus on intense training, McDavid decided to have some low-pressure fun in a less competitive setting.

However, things didn't go well for McDavid's team, known as "the blue team." They faced off against Quinton Byfield's "the red team." The red team dominated the blue team and won with a score of 9-4.

McDavid Did Not Try

It seems McDavid might not have been giving his full effort, as the game could have been closer if he had.

A spectator summed it up:

"Connor was playing at 00.3% effort and STILL made everyone else look like they had polio"

While McDavid lost this beer league championship, he will continue to focus on winning the Stanley Cup for the Edmonton Oilers which would be far more enjoyable than any beer league title.

As seen on HockeyFeed - McDavid blown out by beer leaguers in championship game
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Connor McDavid Disappoints Fans in Beer League Championship

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