Joseph Veleno on the ice after he got hit in the face with a slap shot in a game between the Buffalo Sabres and the Detroit Red Wings. His teammates are surrounding him.
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Red Wings center takes a scary slap shot directly to the face

Published March 13, 2024 at 11:12

The Detroit Red Wings had another tough loss last night against the Buffalo Sabres.

Unfortunately, not only did they lose 7-2, they saw one of their players leave the game after receiving a slap shot to his face.

Red Wings Forward Joe Veleno Takes Slap Shot to Face In Tough Loss Against Buffalo

The Sabres, who were already leading 4-1 at the beginning of the second period, were still going at it in the offensive zone, before Connor Clifton fired a slap shot, which landed right on Veleno's face.

Watch the full scene here:

Scary moment for Joe Veleno after he took a Connor Clifton shot to the head #LetsGoBuffalo #LGRW

That kind of incident is always stressful to watch for fans. Especially considering he wasn't able to get out of the ice alone.

Updates and details will come.

As read on Puck Reporter - Scary Scene As Detroit Red Wings Player Takes Slap Shot To The Head
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Red Wings center takes a scary slap shot directly to the face

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