Pierre-Luc Dubois Reveals Why He Changed His Number

Published September 24, 2023 at 1:40 PM

In July 2021, a tragic accident took the life of Matiss Kivlenieks. Since then, people who knew him, including teammates and organizations he was a part of, have found different ways to remember him.

Recently, one of Kivlenieks' former teammates took a special step to keep his memory alive.

A New Start with a Special Number

Pierre-Luc Dubois, in a recent interview, talked about his upcoming season with the Los Angeles Kings. With a new team comes a new jersey number. But Dubois had something specific in mind - he wanted to wear the number 80 to honor his late teammate Matiss Kivlenieks. Before making the switch, he thoughtfully checked with Kivlenieks' family for their approval.

I asked the family first if I could. I didn't know if that was something that they kind of wanted to retire. And they said that would be great. He'd be happy.

Dubois did this because he wanted to make sure Matiss Kivlenieks' legacy continued to shine.

The way I saw it was I wanted to keep his legacy going because his career got cut short

Dubois started wearing the number 80 jersey in Winnipeg and will continue wearing it in Los Angeles. Beyond wearing the number, he has bigger plans to honor his close friend and former teammate.

A Dream of Winning a Championship for Kivlenieks

This heartfelt gesture by Dubois is significant, especially given that he's sometimes seen as a self-centered player in the media due to changing teams. Now fully focused on the Los Angeles Kings, Dubois has a big plan to pay the ultimate tribute to Kivlenieks.

When I imagined it in my head it was if I ever win the Stanley Cup it would be my last name but it'll be his number.

The Los Angeles Kings have a strong team, and Dubois hopes to win the Stanley Cup in memory of his friend, fulfilling a lifelong dream for both of them. Regardless of the outcome, Dubois and Kivlenieks will forever be connected through the number 80 and the profound impact they had on each other's lives.

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Pierre-Luc Dubois Reveals Why He Changed His Number

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