Tensions Escalate Between Blackhawks Management and Their All-Star

Published August 27, 2023 at 11:36

Seth Jones has voiced his disappointment in the Blackhawks letting go of his brother showing that there are some tensions rising between Jones and Chicago.

The Jones Pair In Chicago

Last year, the Chicago Blackhawks had a pair of defenseman brothers – Seth and Caleb Jones. Seth, a standout player, was even named an all-star for the Blackhawks, highlighting his skill as a strong blueliner.

Seth Jones consistently played over 24 minutes per game on the ice, making him the team's best defenseman by far. His brother Caleb held his own with an average of around 19:13 per game. His advanced analytics were well above average.

However, a change occurred during the off-season when the Blackhawks decided to not qualify Caleb Jones and Caleb decided to sign with the Carolina Hurricanes. This choice might have left Seth feeling a bit unsettled.

The Growing Tensions


In a recent interview, Seth Jones openly discussed his thoughts about his brother's departure.

"[Caleb has] a real chance at playoff hockey, which is something everyone wants." - Seth Jones

Seth's frustration comes from Chicago's lack of competitiveness in the NHL. Last season the Blackhawks finished 3rd to last but lucked out and won the 1st overall pick.

Adding to his frustration, Jones revealed that the Blackhawks' General Manager, Kyle Davidson, didn't consult him before deciding to let Caleb go.

"[We] had some good chemistry last year, and Chicago just wanted to go a different way... After the fact, Kyle called me, but not before. But I'm trying to control what I can control." - Seth Jones

While Seth Jones understands his limited role in the matter, many teams strive to keep their star players content. Given Caleb Jones' solid performance as a defenseman, there was definitely an opportunity for him to be given more chances.

Now, the paths of the two brothers are splitting: Caleb aims to contend for a championship with the Carolina Hurricanes, while Seth is determined to help the Blackhawks avoid finishing at the bottom of the standings in the upcoming season.

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Tensions Escalate Between Blackhawks Management and Their All-Star

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