Chicago's Reason For Trading For Taylor Hall Revealed

Published August 27, 2023 at 8:56

In a surprising offseason move, the Chicago Blackhawks acquired Taylor Hall, shedding light on the purpose behind this decision.

Blackhawks' Taylor Hall Trade Explained

During June, the Blackhawks made a trade that raised eyebrows. They brought in Taylor Hall and obtained Nick Foligno's unrestricted free agency (UFA) rights. This puzzled many as the Blackhawks are in a rebuilding phase, while Hall and Foligno are usually associated with win-now teams.

Initially seen as a tactic to exploit the Boston Bruins' salary cap issues, a deeper motive has now emerged.

Revealing the True Reason

Through a recent social media post, the Blackhawks hinted at the real reason for getting Taylor Hall.

"Advice from the vet to the rook"


The mystery behind acquiring Taylor Hall is solved: he's meant to mentor Connor Bedard, the best prospect since Connor McDavid. Hall excels as a mentor, drawing from his experience. Since his 2010 draft, Hall has played alongside six first overall picks younger than him, including McDavid, Hughes, and others. Bedard is the seventh addition to this impressive list.

Though Hall's playing ability may have diminished, his talent for guiding young players in the spotlight is unmatched among NHL players. His guidance will undoubtedly shape Bedard's journey, solidifying Hall's role in Bedard's development.

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Chicago's Reason For Trading For Taylor Hall Revealed

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