Paul Bissonnette has a Harsh Message for Anyone who Shared the Perry-Bedard Rumours

Published December 7, 2023 at 12:23

Paul Bissonnette wants you to know one thing: if you helped spread the rumours regarding Corey Perry and Connor Bedard online, you're disgusting.

Fans who Shared Corey Perry Rumours Called Disgusting by Paul Bissonnette

Bissonnette recently appeared on the Spittin' Chiclets podcast where he was asked about the persistant rumour that spread when the Chicago Blackhawks terminated Perry's contract. He said the whole thing was awful.

"I just feel very let down by all these f--king idiots on Twitter. Now, most of you would be like, 'what do you expect from these f--king idiots on there all the time just trying to stir it up?' I was f--king disgusted by what happened.

The rumour in question centred around a member of Bedard's family. Bisonnette says it wasn't right, and it wasn't funny.

"I think that with what this kid already had to deal with, coming in with all this f--king pressure on him, and then going through that media circus early on. And then to put the next star in the league through this type of sh-t, like you're not a hockey fan, in my opinion, if you're going on there, slinging it like that."


BizNasty gets Nasty with Fans who Spread Rumour Regarding Corey Perry and Connor Bedard

As it turns out, the rumour was entirely false. Perry's contract was terminated because of an incident involving a Blackhawks staff member. Unfortunately, the fake story had reached meme status before that information came out, and was everywhere on the internet that even had just a little to do with hockey.

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Paul Bissonnette has a Harsh Message for Anyone who Shared the Perry-Bedard Rumours

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