Corey Perry Revealed to Owe the Chicago Blackhawks Over 1 Million Dollars

Published December 4, 2023 at 10:25

After his termination, this NHL insider has revealed that Corey Perry likely owes the Chicago Blackhawks over 1 million dollars.

Chris Johnston Reveals Perry Is $1 Million in Debt to the Chicago Blackhawks

Corey Perry's situation seems to keep getting worse and worse, as Chris Johnston revealed today that Perry will likely owe the Blackhawks over 1 million dollars. This is primarily because he is only due to be paid 1 million for playing in a quarter of the season, however, he was paid a $2 million signing bonus.

"Perry has 60 days to decide if he wants to file a grievance via the NHL Players' Association. The matter remains under review, according to a union spokesman. Should he elect to go that route, it would be an exercise in preserving his earning power."

"Perry is entitled to keep approximately $1 million of his $4 million salary after spending roughly 25 percent of the season on the Blackhawks roster prior to having his contract terminated, which means he technically owes money back to the organization because he received a $2 million signing bonus over the summer."

This is a tricky situation for Perry, as he likely doesn't want to prolong the situation and stay in the spotlight, but might be forced to if he owes this much money.

Perry Could File Grievance to Get Money Back

the situation could be settled by Perry filing a grievance through the NHLPA as Johnston notes, however, this would keep Perry and the Blackhawks in the spotlight, and would likely mean more details on the situation are released.

Given that Perry and the NHLPA have yet to file a grievance (Perry has 60 days), it feels like the termination may be justified from the standard player contract perspective.

Perry does have 60 days to file, and he could take the situation all the way to a private arbitrator if he deems it necessary. Time will reveal whether or not he thinks that is worth it.

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Corey Perry Revealed to Owe the Chicago Blackhawks Over 1 Million Dollars

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