Connor Bedard Forced To Address Corey Perry Rumors By Reporter In Winnipeg

Published December 1, 2023 at 7:03 PM

Connor Bedard was asked by a reporter in Winnipeg about the rumors regarding Corey Perry. He did not seem to be pleased about the question.

Bedard Forced To Address Perry Rumors In Winnipeg

The Blackhawks rookie sensation was asked about the rumors by a reporter in Winnipeg ahead of the Blackhawks' next game against the Jets tomorrow. His response speaks for itself.

Connor Bedard was asked by reporters in WPG about the unfounded rumours re: the Corey Perry situation.

He became annoyed as the questions persisted.

"I don't need to answer anymore questions about this stuff. It's all just a bunch of BS on the internet" - Bedard


Apparently, this was not just one rouge reporter asking a bad question either. Several reporters continued to ask questions related to the situation, which lead to Bedard's frustrated response.

I don't blame Bedard here whatsoever. One question about the situation? Whatever. But an entire line of questioning on a completely baseless rumour? Pretty unnecessary , IMO.

People shouldn't be amplifying this completely baseless and defamatory rumour.

Bedard's Superb Rookie Season Continues

Bedard is easily the favorite for the Calder trophy for rookie of the year at this point. His 10 goals and 18 pints lead rookies by a wide margin. Despite a relatively slow stretch in recent games, the rookie remains on pace for 40 goals, giving him a legitimate chance at having one of the highest goal-scoring seasons by an 18 year old in NHL history.

Bedard and the Blackhawks will next faceoff against the Winnipeg Jets tomorrow at 1PM EST.

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Connor Bedard Forced To Address Corey Perry Rumors By Reporter In Winnipeg

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