Jets Record Largest Attendance So Far This Season Amidst the Lack of Sell Out Crowds

Published December 1, 2023 at 12:02

The Winnipeg Jets were under scrutiny earlier this year for their lack of attendance at home games, however, this trend appears to be turning around.

Winnipeg Jets Record Largest Attendance of the Year Thus Far

The Winnipeg Jets hosted the Edmonton Oilers last night, and it was apparently the hot ticket item in Winnipeg, as they had an attendance of 13,611. However, they have still yet to sell out the arena.

Largest crowd of the season in Winnipeg for the Oilers v Jets.

Still no sell-outs in Winnipeg in 12 home dates.for a pretty impressive hockey team.

The Jets were previously under scrutiny for their lack of ability to sell tickets and the attendance issue, raising questions about whether or not they would have to sell or relocate the team.

The Winnipeg Jets attendance issue makes zero sense.

Oilers Continue Their Hotstreak In Front Of Excited Jets Fans

The Jets fell victim to the Edmonton Oilers hot streak, losing last night 3-1. The Oilers are playing in desperation mode to turn their season around, and Jets fans got to see it in full force.

McHarleyDavidson over to Draisizzle is always an insta classic that wets my pickle. He slapped the shit out of that puck too. The oilers might actually be back.

The Jets will hope to continue the attendance trend with their upcoming game against Connor Bedard and the Chicago Blackhawks tomorrow afternoon.
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Jets Record Largest Attendance So Far This Season Amidst the Lack of Sell Out Crowds

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