Canadian team to potentially go All-In on Perry according to a journalist

Published December 5, 2023 at 10:21

Perry's Future in the NHL Could be Far From Over


The future of forward Corey Perry is generating considerable interest, as several well-informed individuals have left the possibility open for his return to the NHL this season.

It appears that the incident that led to his contract termination may not be severe enough to definitively end his career, but it remains a developing situation.

To shed light on the matter, an Edmonton journalist recently published the following statement:

"We can assume that Ken Holland will inquire about the forward. If Holland took the risk of signing a contract with Evander Kane, who had a lot of problems off the ice, he would probably not be opposed to talking to Pat Morris, Perry's agent. The acquisition of Kane was a home run for Holland."

- Jim Matheson of Province Sports

This potential turn of events would mark a significant opportunity for Perry, who could be a valuable asset to a team like the Oilers. The interest from Edmonton is not without merit, and Matheson's assessment carries weight.

Matheson goes on to say:

"Holland will have to wait until Perry's situation is resolved, and he will certainly have to thoroughly investigate what Perry did to have his contract terminated in Chicago, but if he doesn't think that's a serious obstacle, Holland will go all in for Perry."

- Jim Matheson

In other words, Holland is prepared to go all-in.


Possible Timeline for Perry's Return Has Been Announced

It's worth noting that the NHLPA has until January 28th to file a grievance, and Perry has until March 8th, the trade deadline, to secure a new contract for the remainder of the season and potentially participate in the playoffs.

"Two important upcoming dates for Corey Perry:

-January 28th: Last day for the NHLPA to file a grievance

-March 8th: Must sign a contract by the trade deadline if he wants to compete in the playoffs"

Keep an eye out for a potential signing by Perry, whether it be in Edmonton, Montreal, or elsewhere.

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Canadian team to potentially go All-In on Perry according to a journalist

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