Connor Bedard during a home game for the Chicago Blackhawks
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BREAKING: Chicago Blackhawks Give An Update On Connor Bedard's Injury

Published January 7, 2024 at 5:51 PM

Today the Chicago Blackhawks addressed the injury status of Connor Bedard and provided a timeline for next steps.

Blackhawks Give Update On Bedard's Injury

During a media availability Chicago Blackhawks' head coach Luke Richardson addressed Connor Bedard's injury evaluation. According to Richardson Bedard is dealing with swelling which is making a final evaluation difficult.

Luke Richardson on whether they Blackhawks have set a recovery timeline for Connor Bedard's fractured jaw:

No. Still just evaluating how he's doing and settling down. It's swollen, so the doctors are giving it a few days to see how it settles.

This means we likely will need to wait a few more days for a definitive update and timeline on Bedard's health. With the swelling still being present it seems that Bedard's injury could be more significant than originally thought.

The Blackhawks' medical team will continue to look after Bedard and eventually come to a final diagnosis and timeline. Once the Blackhawks release that information we will be sure to provide it to you.

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BREAKING: Chicago Blackhawks Give An Update On Connor Bedard's Injury

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