Tyler Toffoli Shares More Horror Stories From Daryl Sutter's Time In Calgary

Published August 23, 2023 at 4:08 PM

It's no secret that the Calgary Flames and Darryl Sutter just didn't work out in 2022-23, as the team let him go following the season, but now it has been revealed just how bad it got at times under the veteran coach.

Horror Stories


On the latest episode of Spittin Chiclets, former Flames forward Tyler Toffoli lifed the lid on a few strange stories from Sutter's last tenure.

While the Flames have a practice facility at the SaddleDome, sometimes they need to travel 15-20 minutes to get to their backup facility if that one is busy, and unsurprisingly, Sutter used that to his advantage to play mind games, according to Toffoli.

But we'd have a bad game or a bad first period,» recalled Toffoli. During the game, he'd be walking back and forth mumbling 選 guess we have to go to Winsport tomorrow. You guys want to go practice at Winsport.' It's only the first period. It's 0-0. We have like 15 shots and they have 3, and he's chirping guys on the bench, 選 guess we have to go to Winsport tomorrow.

Goaltender struggles

It's also no secret that the Flames goaltending took a step backwards this year, and Toffoli's last story may be a perfect example of why.

It'd be 0-0, and he'd come in and tell Vladdy, [Dan] Vladar, to get ready to go in, said Toffoli. We're looking. It's 0-0. 前h Marky's not ready to play tonight.' We're looking, we're like, there's a reason it's 0-0, he has 10 saves. We haven't touched the puck this whole period. Little things like that. As you said, it's all mind games. He's just trying to get guys going. I guess it happened in LA too. It just started to wear on guys and the change happened.

Many criticized the move to re-hire Sutter when Calgary first made it, and while he led them to a historic 2021-22 season, he just couldn't keep that going, and these stories prove exactly why those critics were right, and the old-school style couldn't keep up today.

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Tyler Toffoli Shares More Horror Stories From Daryl Sutter's Time In Calgary

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