NFL Star Pitches Coyotes Relocation Destination

Published May 17, 2023 at 10:26 PM

It's been quite the eventful 24 hours for the Arizona Coyotes and their fans, with most of the news being negative. However, they might finally have something to smile about, as NFL star Patrick Mahomes has his own fantasy for their franchise.

Mahomes Wants Coyotes in Kansas City

With the news that the Coyotes will soon be homeless making headlines all over, and the NHL scrambling for a solution, NFL star Patrick Mahomes is here to save the day. The Super Bowl Champion took to Twitter tonight to share his own ideas for the Coyotes' future, and it's certainly interesting!

"KC coyotes has a nice ring to it! @NHL what y'all think?" - Patrick Mahomes

Could we see a scenario where Kansas City is a series contender for a Coyotes' relocation bid? Mahomes seems to think that the T-Mobile Center could be a good home for them, and it would be cool to see the Coyotes in a more friendly market.

The NHL has called Kansas City home before, as the city used to be home to the Kansas City Scouts, who are now known as the New Jersey Devils. With a decision needing to be made in the near future, perhaps Mahomes could be a main advocater for Kansas City as the Coyotes' new home.

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NFL Star Pitches Coyotes Relocation Destination

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