Arizona Dealt Some Bad News After Potential NHL City Announces Arena Renovations

Published October 8, 2023 at 12:41

This announcement from a potential NHL City is bad news for the City of Arizona as the pressure for relocation mounts.

Houston Announces Arena Renovations that Put Pressure on Arizona

Recent announcements have indicated that the Toyota Center in Houston is undergoing a renovation, one which would see the arena restoring its icemaking ability, making it ready for an NHL franchise.

Of note: The renovation underway at Houston's Toyota Center will include the installation of ice-making equipment that will ensure the building can ultimately be NHL-ready.

Arizona at Serious Risk of Losing Franchise with Many Cities Vying for NHL Team

With so many Cities in the U.S. looking to add an NHL franchise to their coffer, it's hard to continue to justify a team in Arizona. They have been unable to build an NHL-caliber arena for their team, which only adds to their struggles as a franchise.

Similar to
in terms of no official process, yet plenty of interest expressed from the following and more ** In No Particular Order**
- Quebec City
- Salt Lake City
- South Forsyth (Metro Atlanta)
- Houston
- Portland
- San Diego
- 2nd Club GTA Toronto

If Arizona doesn't make some announcements soon regarding a new arena or a strategy to increase attendance, they are at serious risk of losing their team.

As seen on Blade of Steel - "Arizona Coyotes get bad news as leading candidate for relocation makes a MAJOR arena upgrade"
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Arizona Dealt Some Bad News After Potential NHL City Announces Arena Renovations

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