Stuart Skinner making a glove stop during a game for the Edmonton Oilers
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Oilers Goalie Reveals How his Mental Health Was Impacted by Fans

Published January 5, 2024 at 1:23 PM
This Edmonton Oilers goaltender just detailed how he handles dealing with his haters this season after a rocky start to the season, and how it impacted his mental health.

Stuart Skinner Opens Up About Dealing with Hecklers

Stuart Skinner and the Edmonton Oilers have gone through one of the greatest glow-ups this season after starting the year terribly. Skinner, who seemingly lost his confidence during the downturn at the beginning of the year, has gotten it back, winning 10 of his last 12 starts. He has brought his save percentage back up to where it should be for a goaltender of his calibre.

Now, Skinner has opened up about how he handled the hecklers and haters at the beginning of the year and used it as fuel for the remainder of the season.

"Sometimes being heckled is an incredible honour."

Skinner talks about overcoming adversity after practice at @RogersPlace

Skinner's Confidence Helping Oilers With Potential Trade Talks

Skinner's performance and confidence is something that should help the Oilers tremendously when it comes to trade talks before the deadline. The Oilers have been widely speculated as trying to trade for another goaltender, however, the desperation has yielded a high asking price.

stuart skinner in the first period: two goals against on 11 shots.

kings fans jeered him as the period ended.

skinner the rest of the game? 17 straight saves, and a shootout victory.

With Skinner's increased confidence and level of play, this should give the Oilers a bit more wiggle room at the bargaining table, allowing them to walk away from deals that they might previously be forced to consider.

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Oilers Goalie Reveals How his Mental Health Was Impacted by Fans

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