Edmonton Oilers goaltender Jack Campbell
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NHL Buyout Rules Mean Oilers Could Be Stuck With Jack Campbell

Published January 8, 2024 at 7:01 PM
The Edmonton Oilers currently have arguably the worst contract in the league in Jack Campbell. It seems as though he may never play in the NHL again despite the fact that he still has three years remaining on his contract that carries a 5 million dollar cap hit. As a result, a buyout may not be a feasible option.

Buyout For Campbell's Contract Would Be Costly

Based on the current NHL buyout rules, a buyout of Campbell would save the Oilers some cap space over the next three seasons, although they would still need to replace him on the roster. The team is unlikely to stick with Calvin Pickard as their backup going into next season. To be specific, a buyout of Campbell would save the team 9 million dollars in cap space spread out over the next three seasons, followed by three years of buyout penalty, that would effectively be negative savings.

Campbell isn't expected to be moved this season. I'd bet on the buyout option this off-season. Here's the cap hit by year with his buyout:

24/25: 1.1m (savings = +3.9m)
25/26: 2.3m (savings = +2.7m)
26/27: 2.6m (savings = +2.4m)
27/28: 1.5m (savings = -1.5m)
28/29: 1.5m (savings = -1.5m)
29/30: 1.5m (savings = -1.5m)

May we hope another signing like this never happens again in the Oilers' future.

Unfortunately for Campbell and the Oilers, it seems as though he is simply not an NHL level goaltender anymore. In fact, he seemingly is not even an AHL level goaltender as his struggles have continued since being sent down, if not straight up gotten worse.

Oilers goalies in December.

Stuart Skinner: 5-2, .913
Calvin Pickard: 2-1, .901

Olivier Rodrigue: 3-3, .936
Jack Campbell: 2-2, .877

Skinner is on, Pickard is treading water and Rodrigue is thriving in an increased role. Add an NHL 1A-type and it looks solid.

The Oilers have certainly gotten themselves into quite the pickle with Campbell.

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NHL Buyout Rules Mean Oilers Could Be Stuck With Jack Campbell

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