Adam Johnson, formerly of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
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MAJOR: Huge update in the Adam Johnson investigation

Published January 29, 2024 at 2:16 PM
Adam Johnson's tragic passing back in October rocked the entire hockey world, and for a community still reeling, we now have a major update in the investigation of this event.

Major update in the inquest into Adam Johnson's passing

The passing was a tragedy for all those involved, but after it happened, an investigation was opened up into the entire situation. Now, the police have given us this quote on the inquest into his passing!

Full details and quotes:

For those looking for answers, it appears we will now have to wait a little longer, as the inquest has been suspended until July as the police in the situation look to get all the facts.

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January 29   |   161 answers
MAJOR: Huge update in the Adam Johnson investigation

Will we get a resolution from the investigation in July?

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