Kyle Connor playing in a game for the Winnipeg Jets.
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Help is on the Way as The Last Piece of the Puzzle for the Winnipeg Jets is Set to Return

Published January 11, 2024 at 1:03 PM
The Winnipeg Jets' hot streak has propelled them to the top of the League, and now they will look to keep it going as this piece of their roster puzzle is set to return.

Kyle Connor Set to Return To Help Jets Continue Success

The Winnipeg Jets are getting incredibly hot at seemingly the right time this year, finding their groove and shooting to the top of the standings. Now, they face the challenge of keeping that hot streak going. Luckily, they will have the return of Kyle Connor to help them continue that success.

While his return date isn't set for a little bit, Connor has been seen skating and at the Jets optional practices in advance of a potential return, prompting hope that he will return faster than previously expected.

I'm having a hard time believing Kyle Connor is going to be out another month. He's moving quite well four weeks removed from his knee injury.

Where Does Connor Fit When He Returns?

With the Jets having some incredible success, it begs the question of where Connor will fit into the lineup when he returns. You don't want to shake things up too much since things are working well, but Connor's talent can't go unused. Some argue that he would be best played on the second line until he finds his rhythm, then the lines can be shaken up if necessary.

We will see how this plays out when Connor does make his return to the Jets, and if it comes at a time when they need him or if their success has continued.

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Help is on the Way as The Last Piece of the Puzzle for the Winnipeg Jets is Set to Return

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