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Gary Bettman Confirms Major News About NHL Players and the International Scene

Published January 2, 2024 at 10:34
Gary Bettman recently shared an important update about the NHLers' participation in international tournaments.

Gary Bettman Opens Up on NHLers Playing in International Events

Many hockey fans were disappointed to see Bettman forbid NHL players to compete in the Olympic Games.

To give players a chance to represent their countries, the NHL held a World Cup of Hockey back in 2016. There's a lot of speculation going around that state the tournament could come back soon.

Bettman shed light on his plan to let NHLers compete for their countries:

"And we'll get to announcing something relatively soon is going to be about best on best International, which accentuates one of the great strengths of our game."

Anticipation Builds for Best-on-Best International Hockey


Bettman has virtually assured fans that top-tier international hockey will return, with details on the format to be revealed shortly.

It's presumed that the NHL will bring back the World Cup of Hockey, which would be simpler for them than sending athletes to the Olympics.

For Bettman and the NHL, this move isn't just about the international rivalry but also about leveraging the potential financial gain an event like this would generate.

The last World Cup was a great success and fans around the globe have been waiting to see the best players represent their countries for almost ten years.

More to come.

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Gary Bettman Confirms Major News About NHL Players and the International Scene

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