Darnell Nurse Roasts Oilers Fans

Published July 24, 2023 at 7:00 PM

The Oilers' Playoff Struggles

Despite being home to two of the world's finest players, the Edmonton Oilers have not yet managed to make a significant playoff journey. In a Canadian setting, their struggles have been met with ample critique, as history suggests.

Focus on Darnell Nurse

The brunt of the criticism tends to fall on the Oilers' other players, bypassing superstars Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. Darnell Nurse, in particular, has been under intense scrutiny, a fact that is magnified by the terms of his contract.


Nurse had a promising beginning to his career in Edmonton. This led him to secure an impressive 8-year, $74 million deal that ensures him an annual cap hit of $9.25 million. As such, he stands not only among the NHL's top-tier defensemen but its most elite players overall.

Criticism Deserved or Excessive?

After the ink dried on his contract, Nurse accumulated 35 points over 71 games and 43 points in a full season of 82 games. Despite this, he remains a target for criticism.

Nurse has recently spoken out on the Mitts Off podcast. He criticized Oilers fans who seemingly blame him for every misstep, from a goal conceded to Stony Plain traffic. While it's convenient to argue that he's overcompensated for his performance, it's undeniable that the critique can sometimes cross the line.

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