Edmonton Oilers' Connor McDavid criticizing the NHL's video review process after a game against the Chicago Blackhawks.
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Connor McDavid Openly Blasts the NHL and the Referees in Post-Game Comments

Published January 10, 2024 at 10:43
Connor McDavid made a major declaration during last night's post-game comments after a no-goal call almost cost the game to the Oilers against the Blackhawks.

McDavid Criticizes the NHL and the Refs in Post-Game Comments

After Edmonton's 2-1 win against Chicago, McDavid was asked to share his opinion on the controversial no-goal call after a lenghty video review. McDavid's evident frustration with the entire process led him to openly criticize both the referees and the NHL.

"If it takes you 15 minutes to determine if it's offside or not, it probably doesn't matter you zoom in, you keep zooming in until you can't zoom in any more, I guess it's offside... these are calls that change games."

Fans Support McDavid's Stand

Clearly, hockey fans agrees with McDavid's frustrations. Many shared their opinions on X.

As a oilers hater, he's 100% right. I do not care if my team would benefit from it, some of these offside reviews are out to lunch and not in the spirit of the rule. Set a replay speed, set a time, if you can't determine it in that space then it does not matter.

Next time someone questions me on abolishing offside reviews I'm showing them that replay from the Oilers/Hawks game.

5+ minute review to call a goal offside that was offside by millimeters, if at all.

Like honestly what are we doing here?

A lot of people hope that this incident will finally push the NHL to change their video-review process.

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Connor McDavid Openly Blasts the NHL and the Referees in Post-Game Comments

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