Connor Bedard's Thoughts On Sidney Crosby Captured On Hot Mic

Published October 14, 2023 at 5:16 PM
Connor Bedard is off to a hot start in his NHL career. One area of the game he struggled with on opening night though was faceoffs. The 18-year-old ended up going 2-11 on the faceoff dot. Interestingly, he lost every faceoff he took against Sidney Crosby. This lead to him complimenting the superstar in a conversation that was caught on a hot mic.

Bedard Praises Crosby's Faceoff Skills


In a new video making its rounds throughout hockey social media, Connor Bedard can be heard discussing faceoffs with one of the on-ice officials from his first career game.

"- Bedard: I'm yet to win a draw.

- Ref: Is that true?

- Bedard: I think I tied like five, but...

- Ref: Really tough when you're going against 87, though.

- Bedard: He's sick at draws.

- Ref: Pretty special though, isn't it?

- Bedard: Yeah.

- Ref: Congratulations you're gonna have a hell of a career.

- Bedard: Thanks."

Blackhawks Are Must Watch Television

Luckily, Bedard was able to improve on faceoffs during his second game against the Boston Bruins. He went 6-6 to improve his season faceoffs to 8-17. Still not a great percentage, but a lot better than 2-11. He also recorded his first career goal on a rare wraparound.

It is already obvious that the Blackhawks are a much more fun team to watch this year. Bedard has added a whole new level of dynamic offense to the team meaning they can actually score goals sometimes. Bedard will be back in action tonight as the Hawks visit Montreal at 7:00PM EST.

As seen on Hot Mic Captures Connor Bedard Talking About Sidney Crosby
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Connor Bedard's Thoughts On Sidney Crosby Captured On Hot Mic

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