Members of Team Canada showing disappointment following WJC loss
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Connor Bedard Gives his Honest Take on Canada's Loss at the World Juniors

Published January 2, 2024 at 8:16 PM
I'm willing to bet Connor Bedard's eyes were on Team Canada during their brutal loss to Czechia in the quarter-finals today every and any chance he got. Bedard, who is in his rookie season in the NHL, won two gold medals with Canada at the World Juniors, and some of his teammates from those wins were back with Canada today. Bedard has offered his take on how the team must feel.

Connor Bedard Shares his Take on Team Canada Loss at World Juniors

Reporter Charlie Roumeliotis of NBC Chicago asked Bedard for his thoughts on Team Canada's loss, and described his response as heartbroken.

"Connor Bedard was heartbroken about Canada's loss in World Juniors: "I know a lot of guys on the team, and being a Canadian, we take a lot of pride in that. I just feel bad for those guys and how hard they played. It sucks, for sure." #Blackhawks


Bedard Shares his Thoughts on Tough World Juniors Loss for Team Canada

Interestingly enough, at 18 years of age, Bedard was still eligible to play at the World Junior Hockey Championships this year. Imagine the punch that would have added to Team Canada in its bid for another gold. However, it's no surprise that the most important rookie in the league since Connor McDavid was not given permission to leave the Chicago Blackhawks in order to participate.

Meanwhile, Blackhawks coach Luke Richardson, who also represented Team Canada at the World Juniors as a player, said he tried to stay out of the rivalry in the locker room.

"No, I stayed out of that. Petr's (Mrazek) having some fun with that today. As you heard in the background, he's collecting all his money from his bets."

Mrazek, one of Chicago's goalies, also represented his home country of Czechia at the World Juniors.

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Connor Bedard Gives his Honest Take on Canada's Loss at the World Juniors

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