BREAKING: Footage of Val Nichushkin's Hotel Incident Has Been Released to the Public

Published June 1, 2023 at 9:54 PM
Val Nichushkin had an early exit from this year's Stanley Cup playoffs due to what the Avalanche listed as "personal reasons". As more details emerged, we learned that a woman was found heavily intoxicated in Nichushkin's hotel room, and had to be brought to a hospital. We now have police bodycam footage of the incident, and it doesn't look good for Nichushkin.

More Details About Mystery Woman

Following the release of new footage of the incident, we've gotten a closer look at how the situation was handled, and how team doctors approached the woman. Avalanche team physician Brad Changstrom can be seen conversing with a police officer, where he tells him the following.

"We were trying to get her out of the room and she was very clearly intoxicated. Very clearly, I could not send her in an Uber due to her safety." - Changstrom

According to the footage, the woman was so incredibly intoxicated that she assaulted police officers who attempted to get her clothing. The woman, who claimed to be a student at the University of Arizona, reportedly attempted to jump off of a hotel gurney during the incident.

Avalanche team staff had Nichushkin removed from the site immediately.

We'll have more information as soon as it's available, so stay tuned.

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