Trevor Zegras in a photo during a game working on improving his defensive game
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Anaheim Ducks star Trevor Zegras is involved in trade talks with the Edmonton Oilers organization.

Published January 10, 2024 at 9:17
There was word that star forward Trevor Zegras was on the trade block by the Anaheim Ducks and it was to the Edmonton Oilers club/organization. The players involved in this trade come with great sacrifice and effort to land the star forward. Also, coming with a hefty price of two first-round draft picks, this would have been an interesting trade, depending on who would have won. To detail:

Trade Proposal
Trevor Zegras

Dylan Holloway
Philip Broberg
2024 NHL First Round Pick
2024 Sixth-round Pick

The price the Edmonton Oilers should have paid to acquire Trevor Zegras

As mentioned above, Trevor Zegras was available to the Edmonton Oilers, however, the Oilers chose to go with defenseman Philip Broberg, which may be haunting the management to this day. Defenseman Philip Broberg has not played many games in the NHL, but he may be called up by the team to compete in the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

His performance this year may affect his status with the Edmonton organization, because of the trade talks he has been hit with and is still positive about his circumstances.

The trade also would have involved forward Dylan Holloway, who is a prime depth player who has a wonderful skating ability to complement the speed the Anaheim Ducks possess. He would have fit into the coaching staff's system because of his age and presence needed to have that leadership ability as well.

Also including two draft picks, which may have been crippling for the Oilers club giving up a first-round pick. But, having an all-star type team would be a benefit the Edmonton Oilers have and it could have been a prime decision to compete for the Stanley Cup at the time.

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Anaheim Ducks star Trevor Zegras is involved in trade talks with the Edmonton Oilers organization.

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