James Reimer playing in goal for the Detroit Red Wings in a road game against the New Jersey Devils
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NHL Insider Reveals Oilers' New Trade Target To Upgrade Their Goaltending

Published January 5, 2024 at 10:42 PM

Today a notable insider has revealed the Edmonton Oilers' potential plan to improve their goaltending situation. The announcement of this plan has been met with mixed reactions.

NHL Insider Reveals Oilers New Trade Target

During a podcast appearance on Oilers Nation Everyday NHL insider Frank Seravalli spoke about a potential plan for the Oilers to upgrade their goaltending.

According to Seravalli, the Oilers could look to add James Reimer. Reimer would add a veteran with experience playing in a Canadian market as well as playoff experience. Reimer has played in markets like Toronto where the scrutiny reaches as high as it can in the NHL. He does however have mixed results when playing for teams in a contending phase.

This idea has been met with severely clashing reactions. Some love it while others would prefer to roll with the dynamic the team has currently found.

Fans Give Strong Reaction To NHL Insider Suggestion

After this option was provided by Seravalli some Oilers fans had very strong reactions to the idea. Some were quite positive while the others swung in the negative direction.

That would be an excellent pickup for the Oilers!

Ewwwwwww @frank_seravalli I'll keep Pickard over Reimer

Track record, experience, Canadian market. He's just described Jack Campbell.

All of these reactions come from fans who are incredibly passionate about the success of their team. With the Oilers back in the playoff race they are likely going to make a move of some kind. It remains to be seen if that move involves their goaltenders or some other part of the team.

If goaltending is the focus of Ken Holland's upgrades you can be sure there will be many mixed reactions like there are to this report from Frank Seravalli.

As Read On - Hockey Feed - New trade plan emerges for the Oilers and gets intense feedback! This is a very controversial option in Edmonton.
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NHL Insider Reveals Oilers' New Trade Target To Upgrade Their Goaltending

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