Huge Trade by the Montreal Canadiens with the Anaheim Ducks Might Finally Happen

Published October 27, 2023 at 5:00 PM

The rumours surrounding this trade between the Anaheim Ducks and the Montreal Canadiens have been intensifying, with reports saying it might finally happen.

Ducks and Canadiens in Talks Involving Trevor Zegras

Rumours around Trevor Zegras and the Montreal Canadiens have arisen in the past, with Zegras being best friends with Cole Caufield and has been spotted with Canadiens head coach Martin St. Louis on past occasions. When Zegras and the Ducks were having difficulty agreeing on terms for his extension, these rumours intensified.

While the rumours did die down after Zegras signed his extension just before the start of the year, it seems they have picked back up as Zegras has been off to a slow start.

Not a single shift for Trevor Zegras in the third period, which is mildly concerning given that Anaheim was chasing a goal.

Last shift came without about three minutes left in the second. No injury, just a very strong message sent by Greg Cronin.

Zegras Benched Last Game Due to Poor Performance

In the Ducks' previous game, Zegras was benched due to his lacklustre performance defensively, and inability to produce offensively. Zegras has recorded just 1 assist in 7 games played so far this season.

The Anaheim Ducks have not been happy with Trevor Zegras this season, and last game a message was sent.

Zegras was benched for half of the game, as he has just 1 assist through 6 games. Zegras' effort level has been criticized, making poor decisions all over the ice. His defensive game has never been sound, but it's standing out more with the lack of offense.

Anaheim's new coach, Greg Cronin, is making it known to Trevor early that his play is not acceptable.

Now that Zegras' extension has been signed, could it be an opportune time for the Canadiens to pounce on the forward? Additionally, the Canadiens have come into some cap space with the placement of Kirby Dach on LTIR.

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Huge Trade by the Montreal Canadiens with the Anaheim Ducks Might Finally Happen

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