Gary Bettman Exposed For Changing His Tune On Gambling

Published December 7, 2023 at 5:04 PM

Today a sports insider used his platform on X to call out Gary Bettman for changing his opinions on gambling.

Bettman Exposed For Changing His Tune On Gambling

Sports insider Darren Rovell took to X today specifically to call out Gary Bettman and the NHL. Rovell was specifically critical of a new program rolled out by the NHL using team logos as part of a slot machine-style gambling game.

Less than a decade ago, Gary Bettman joined commissioners in opposing sports gambling, writing letters to the Supreme Court fighting its legalization.

Yesterday, @BetMGM added a licensed online slot game in NJ that has all 32 NHL team logos.

This position by Bettman is a complete shift from his original position when he went against gambling at the Supreme Court level. This is just the latest in a series of actions that have shown the NHL's massive flip on the issue.

NHL Continues To Promote Gambling On A Massive Scale

The NHL not only has partnered with MGM but several other big companies. This includes ESPN who recently launched their own betting platform.

PENN Entertainment announces partnership with the @NHL for online sports betting brands ESPN BET and theScore Bet.

These massive promotions of sports betting and betting in general could be a slippery slope for the NHL. While all sports leagues are on the sports betting movement the NHL does have the smallest market of the major sports. This means one slip up and a major part of their revenue could be lost.

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Gary Bettman Exposed For Changing His Tune On Gambling

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