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New hockey league set to launch in North America, aiming to rival NHL

Published May 10, 2024 at 8:08

According to Steve Dangle of SDPN, there's a new hockey league coming to North America this fall called Major League Hockey, or MHL for short. Yet it's not your typical league. Instead of the traditional 5-on-5 format, they're going with full-time 3-on-3 action, with games lasting 24 minutes plus an intermission.


A NEW pro hockey league is coming to North America! 3-on-3 Major League Hockey arrives THIS FALL!

Now, what sets MHL apart is its unique roster setup. Each team will have 12 skaters and 2 goalies, and they've got a salary cap of $30 million to work with. That means each player could be pocketing around $2.1 million. And get this, every win earns the team and coaching staff a cool $100K bonus to divide up.

Yet MHL is spreading its wings across North America with 16 teams, including ones in Canada's hockey hotspots like British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and Ontario. South of the border, you'll find teams in states like New York, California, Missouri, and even Florida.

Each team can sign three marquee players with pro experience, while the rest of the roster will be filled out with talent from NCAA, USports, and major junior hockey. They're even considering bringing in professional women's players.

While the excitement is real, there are still a few kinks to iron out, like securing arenas, sorting out revenue streams, finding coaches and general managers, and figuring out TV streaming deals. Let's not forget about things like player fines, CBA negotiations, and setting up a players' union. Yet according to Jacob Stoller, Saudi Arabia will be the main
contributor to the new 3v3 professional hockey league .

However, Fans are skeptical this will grow and be big.

Major League Hockey.

A 3-on-3 league coming this fall, with some absurd money behind it.

16-team league with $30 million salary cap per team.

Don't think this ends up working — it will be mostly NCAA and U SPORTS guys.

Good money for players though for sure.

However, the NHL is apparently aware of this situation.

Nice job here by Steve. Word started to spread on this a couple of weeks ago. Some of the NHL's higher ups are aware.

Further to Steve's reporting, some of the cities I'm told discussed (not yet fully confirmed) include Quebec City, Hamilton, Vancouver, Kansas City, Omaha.

Lots to figure out, but the future looks bright for MHL, especially with big names like Bauer getting involved. We're excited to see it begin in the fall.
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New hockey league set to launch in North America, aiming to rival NHL

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