Ron MacLean Reveals The State Of His Relationship With Don Cherry

Published September 6, 2023 at 9:46

In the world of sports broadcasting, the fallout between Ron MacLean and Don Cherry made headlines. But recent updates show that their relationship might be on the mend.

The Initial Breakup

It all began when Don Cherry got fired from "Hockey Night in Canada." He asked his friend Ron MacLean to support him. However, things took a turn when MacLean publicly apologized and distanced himself from Cherry. This move also helped MacLean make a comeback in his career.

In 2022, Don Cherry, who is now 89 years old, stated the worst.

"I don't think we'll ever be friends again."

A New Development

Recent information suggests a change in their situation. According to MacLean, during a talk on the Bob McCowan podcast, he revealed that they're still in touch, although not through modern technology.

"The way we speak is, I phone him and then he usually phones back, but you know, Don is not big on technology," MacLean said.

Reaching Out

MacLean shared that during the NHL All-Star Game in Florida last February, he, along with Kathy Broderick (Cherry's former producer) and Kevin Bieksa (a Sportsnet colleague), reached out to Cherry. This shows they still care about him.

"We all sent greetings. Then I phoned him when Mayor Hazel McCallion, the longtime mayor of Mississauga, passed away. I offered to take Don to the funeral, but it would have been, you know, a bit of an event if he were there. So he asked not to go. I phoned him again on June 1, on the anniversary of [Don's late wife] Rose's passing."

MacLean acknowledged that he and Cherry often disagreed, especially on politics. However, these differences never overshadowed their long-lasting friendship.

In light of these recent revelations, it seems that Ron MacLean is making an effort to rebuild his connection with Don Cherry and perhaps regain the trust of the public after the tumultuous events that occurred.

As seen on House of Hockey - Ron MacLean Reveals His True Relationship With Don Cherry After Their Fallout
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Ron MacLean Reveals The State Of His Relationship With Don Cherry

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