NHL Stars Reveal The Rules They Would Add To The Game

Published September 19, 2023 at 10:40

Ahead of what promises to be an incredible 2023-24 season, ESPN has interviewed several players, and while there were plenty of interesting answers in there, it was the new rule suggestions that were the most intriguing.

Some intriguing ideas


During the interview, ESPN talked to several star players, asking what rules they would love to change or introduce to the NHL, and here's an example of a few fantastic ones.

If you score on the power play, the power play doesn't end, so you get the full two minutes. As a guy who's on the power play, I wouldn't mind having it be the full two minutes regardless. So that might be a selfish answer. - Josh Morrisey.

This is a common one that has come up quite a lot in recent times, and while it may disadvantage the defensive teams, it would encourage players to take less stupid penalties, and if the league is looking to promote offensive hockey, this could be the way to do it.

Get rid of the shootouts. Just do three-on-three [overtime] until someone scores. - Johnny Gaudreau.

The next one comes from Columbus' Johnny Gaudreau, who brings up the idea of less shootouts and more three-on-three hockey, another rule change to promote offensive hockey with plenty of space, and while it may be divisive, it's no doubt one that has plenty of support.

Big changes coming?

The next idea comes to us from Charlie McAvoy, who suggests the NHL ban icing on the power play, and while it would make it much tougher for defence (which he is a part of), it would certainly add another level of intrigue.

I've seen USA Hockey actually fool around with this, and it's that you can't ice the puck anymore on the power play. If you're not able to ice the puck, then you're forcing guys to try and make plays, try and lob it perfectly. I think it would make it really difficult. - Charlie McAvoy.

Lastly from Arizona's Clayton Keller is an off-ice issue, as he proposes the NHL ban dress codes for game day, allowing players to show off their personalities, and while it's definitely an idea that's been promoted a lot, some teams have tried it, and it's safe to say the NHL likes the way it is right now.

No dress code on game days. We do that, but not for every game. It would be cool to do it for every game. You go casual. You can mix in suits. You can kind of go with whatever you're feeling to show your personality. - Clayton Keller.

There were many more ideas floated by players at the link below, as well as some other intriguing insights into the minds of the players, but now we ask you, what rule changes would you make to the NHL if you were in charge?

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NHL Stars Reveal The Rules They Would Add To The Game

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