League Comes Down Very Hard on Player who Broke Ref's Arm

Published November 22, 2023 at 1:46 PM

Directly after it happened, the player involved viewed it almost as a joke, saying it was the referee's fault for getting in the way the whole game. I doubt he sees it that way now.

Player Receives Massive Punishment for Breaking Ref's Arm

Over the weekend, Casper Gilberg, who plays for a fifth-tier league in Sweden, laid a hit on a referee during a game. The official never saw it coming, and needed to be taken to hospital with a broken arm after crashing into the boards.

League Hands Out Massive Suspension to Player that Injured Referee

Gilberg had changed his tune considerably the next day, saying he felt ashamed for what happened and had contacted the referee to apologize. That wasn't enough to avoid a massive suspension, with the league ruling Gilberg cannot play again until after December 31st of 2024. The Disciplinary committee was clear the hit was intentional.

"All in all, a unanimous committee finds that Casper Gilberg should be suspended for the following reasons: - Showed total indifference to the safety of the referee, when he chooses, with reckless force, to complete a hit against a referee even though he is aware that it is a referee he is hitting.


In deciding on the length of the suspension, the committee took into account that Gilberg was a repeat offender. Last season, he was suspended for six weeks for an illegal hit on an opponent.
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League Comes Down Very Hard on Player who Broke Ref's Arm

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