Gary Bettman Faces More Rebellion From NHL Teams

Published October 11, 2023 at 5:00 PM

Gary Bettman is facing some pretty significant pushback on his recent ruling to ban pride tape during games. Now, he is facing a rebellious act by an entire team.

NHL Team Buys Entire Box of Pride Tape After Bettman's Decision to Ban

After announcing the banning of pride tape during warmups and games, Gary Bettman has been criticized from nearly every angle in hockey. Players, analysts, and media members have been calling out his decision.

Now, it appears an entire team is going to boycott the rule, as they have bought an entire box of pride tape.

According to McLean, one NHL team even phoned his office on Tuesday to place an order for an entire case of Pride Tape.

NHL Players And Analysts Alike Are Speaking Out Against the Rule

Since the decision was made, NHL players have voiced their displeasure with the League. Some players have gone as far as saying they don't care about the rule, and are fine taking whatever punishment comes their way in order to show their support.

Zach Hyman was asked about the NHL's decision to ban Pride Tape

Scott Laughton says "you'll probably see me with the pride tape on that night anyway."

"If they want to say something, they can."

This decision has stripped clubs of a powerful community outreach tool and removed meaningful support for Special Initiatives, all to protect a select few who do not want to answer any questions about their choices. I hope the NHL reconsiders in order to remain a leader in DEI.

As seen on Markerzone - "NHL Team Intends On Boycotting Gary Bettman's Tyrannical Rule"
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Gary Bettman Faces More Rebellion From NHL Teams

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