BREAKING: Aaron Rodgers' Career Could Be Over After Brutal Injury

Published September 11, 2023 at 9:49 PM

Aaron Rodgers went down on his first drive as a New York Jet and could be the end of his NFL career.

Potential Achilles Injury For Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers heading to the New York Jets was one of the largest storylines of the NFL offseason last year. However, his time in New York may be short-lived as he got hurt on his first drive.

It was swiftly deemed by the Jets that the injury was not a broken bone so that is encouraging for Rodgers.

However, the Jets could be in more trouble because if this Rodgers injury is an Achilles tear, he could be done in the NFL.

Experts have listed these as the potential injuries.

Aaron Rodgers injury appears to be either Lisfranc foot injury, ankle sprain or possibly even Achilles. Similar mechanism to JK Dobbins injury Sunday.
Best case is ankle sprain. Will miss several weeks best case.

Dobbins will be missing the rest of the NFL season so if Rodgers is anything less than best best-case scenario, he is likely out for the season. If worse comes to worst, he could be done completely in the NFL.

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BREAKING: Aaron Rodgers' Career Could Be Over After Brutal Injury

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