Nathan Walker Demolishing Ryan Reaves
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Ryan Reaves Gets Absolutely Destroyed By A Super Small Player

Published February 13, 2024 at 10:36 PM

The NHL is the most brutal league of its kind, garnering its fair share of fights and injuries alike. Yet, the primary goal of hockey is to get the puck through the net, not to cause unnecessary harm to other players. However, the consequences are sometimes met with scrutiny from fans and players alike. Such was the case for a particular Toronto Maple Leaf.

Ryan Reaves Makes Controversial Response To Teammate's Suspension

In the recent game between Toronto and Ottawa, Maple Leafs defenseman Morgan Rielly made a brutal crosscheck to Ridly Greig of the Senators. This was made directly after Greig scored a goal with a slapshot with only six seconds left in the game.

"Morgan Rielly should get an in person hearing for this cheap, post-whistle crosscheck to the face of Ridley Greig. Should be at least 5 games

If you don't want someone taking a clapbomb into your empty net, don't get smoked by a bad Senators team."

As a result, Rielly received a 5-game suspension for this ridiculous fight. However, fellow teammate Ryan Reaves made a controversial public response. Instead of denouncing Rielly's reaction to a personal failure, Reaves expressed disapproval of the decision and encouraged increased violence in games.


Ryan Reaves on Rielly's response to Greig."

Tiny Player Makes Ryan Reaves Eat His Words

While some players may agree with Reaves that the game is getting too soft, others clearly have other thoughts in mind. This was proven to be the case in tonight's game between Toronto and St. Louis, in which Reaves got utterly destroyed by a player much smaller than him.

Nathan Walker of The Blues was skating alongside this 6'2" defenseman when he had a chance to shove him against the wall. Standing at only 5'9", this attack seemed to come as a shock to the Maple Leaf, who clearly became disoriented trying to return to his feet.

"That's 5'9 Nathan Walker knocking down Ryan Reaves, a day after Reaves said «Make hockey violent again». #stlblues #LeafsForever"

Despite losing recently to the fifth worst in the league, Toronto is still at 11th in the league overall. Yet with overreactions from sore losers leading to suspensions and the glorification of violence while not being able to hold one's own, the Maple Leafs have to get their act together if they want a chance come playoff season.
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Ryan Reaves Gets Absolutely Destroyed By A Super Small Player

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