Gadjovich Holding Rempe Against The Wall
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Panthers Forward Seems To Want To Challenge Matt Rempe

Published March 4, 2024 at 10:14 PM

Matt Rempe of the New York Rangers has made a clear name for himself since starting a fight with Matt Martin during his first NHL shift. However, his continued aggression seems to have put a target on his back for one Panthers forward.

Panthers Forward Warns Rempe

In the game between the Panthers and the Rangers, earlier this evening, rising NHL enforcer Matt Rempe was making a decided rush toward Florida defenseman Gustav Forsling. Unfortunately for him, he missed him by a hair.

However, 'no harm, no foul' did not apply here for the New York rookie. Jonah Gadjovich took this opportunity to push Rempe up against the wall. He appears to be giving Rempe a warning for his dirty play.

"Jonah Gadjovich with seemingly a warning to Matt Rempe 👀🫣"

Fans Critical Of Tangle Between Rempe and Gadjovich

After the brief struggle between the two, Gadjovich shoved Rempe away, both with smiles on their face. Fans have taken notice of this attitude and are divided on the intent of the Panthers player.

"So it's actually happened where lads who've been in the league are trying to fight Rempe to prove they're worth their roster spot with Gadjovich jonesin' for a fight with him - for no reason other than his name is Matt Rempe."

Whether or not he was trying to get some extra notoriety, it was certainly entertaining to see Gadjocivh pin up a much larger opponent and help his team win 4-2. It will be interesting to see if Rempe will be able to keep up with all of his challengers as the season continues to progress.

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Panthers Forward Seems To Want To Challenge Matt Rempe

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