USHL David Posma slashing Kaden Shahan
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Brutal Slashing Leads to Longest Suspension in USHL History

Published February 9, 2024 at 8:02 PM

Hockey is widely recognized as one of the most brutal sports with injuries and aggression expected as part of the game. Though not as competitive as the NHL, the USHL is the top junior league in the United States and is still bound to be full of dirty plays. These, however, still come with consequences, which are now being faced by one defenseman in particular.

Lancers Player Receives Longest Suspension In USHL History For Brutal Slashing

In a game between Sioux City and Omaha last weekend, Lancers defenseman David Posma caught himself attempting to prevent Musketeers forward Kaden Shahan from closing out the game in the third period. His methods, however, were brutal and unbefitting of any player.

"How David Posma is still allowed to play in the USHL is beyond me. No place in hockey for bullshit like this. Someone needs to stand up to this thug or the league really needs to throw the book at him with a huge suspension this time then maybe he would learn his lesson. #thug"

Despite Posma's intentional tripping and three nasty slashes, the goal was still awarded to Shahan regardless, and Posma received a record-breaking suspension of 17 games. With only 24 games left in the season, it is hard to expect Posma to help his team on a path to victory for the foreseeable future.

"The USHL has suspended Omaha defenseman David Posma 17 games for slashing Sioux City's Kaden Shahan Friday night.

Posma has played in 10 games for the Lancers after playing 15 games for Niagara during the first half.

Omaha has just 24 games remaining in the regular season."

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Brutal Slashing Leads to Longest Suspension in USHL History

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