Matt Rempe Elbowing Jonas Siegenthaler
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BREAKING: Matt Rempe Ejected After Massive Hit On Devils Players

Published March 11, 2024 at 9:23 PM

Tonight, the Rangers had a game against the Devils. As expected of the rookie New York player, the game did not end without a spotlight moment for Matt Rempe.

Rempe Ejected For Massive Elbow Hit

Rempe has quickly become one of the most notorious enforcers currently on the ice after a series of fights with some of the toughest players in the NHL. Tonight, he added another dirty play to his growing list with a massive elbow to the face of New Jersey's Jonas Siegenthaler, resulting in an ejection and game misconduct.

"5 minutes for elbowing and a game misconduct for Matt Rempe."

Rempe Versus MacDermid Fight Put On Hold

Many hockey fans were expecting tonight to include a showdown between Rempe and newly acquired Devils player Kurtis MacDermid. However, this had to be put on hold due to the rookie Rangers player's ejection.

"There will be no Rempe vs MacDermid tonight.

Rempe gets 5 and a game after this hit 💥"

The Rangers are currently leading against the Devils 0-2 with less than six minutes in the game.
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BREAKING: Matt Rempe Ejected After Massive Hit On Devils Players

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