Massive Brawl Erupts During Handshake Line Of Invitational

Published July 20, 2023 at 12:41

A massive brawl erupted in the handshake line of the Bangkok U18 Invitational.

Massive Brawl

Hong Kong and Thailand are two nations on the rise in international hockey. While both nations are nowhere near the top, they are growing and their rivalry is getting bigger.

During the Bangkok U18 Invitational, Thailand defeated Hong Kong 3-0 and in the handshake line, the two started a massive brawl.

Players can be seen throwing violent punches and even in one case, using their stick as a weapon.

Despite all of the violence, there was some humor to be found with #24 on Thailand joking about the whole ordeal with these hilarious moves.

It is sad to see this type of violence after the game but it is encouraging to see the passion of these young players.

As seen on Blade of Steel - Brawl breaks out during handshake line after emotional game
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Massive Brawl Erupts During Handshake Line Of Invitational

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