Jets vs Avalanche in Game 5
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Leaked picture shows that the Jets just did not care about winning

Published May 1, 2024 at 6:25

After a heartbreaking loss against the Avalanche, a picture has surfaced of the Winnipeg Jets staff and players seemingly careless.

The Winnipeg Jets have just suffered a 6-3 loss to the Colorado Avalanche. This means that the Winnipeg Jets have been eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. With this in mind the picture in the tweet above from X user, ICdave, surfaced of the Colorado Avalanche locked into a discussion of the next play they were setting up to run, while the Winnipeg Jets seemed like they could care less.

This is what X user, gregsobie, had to say about the Winnipeg Jets underperformance on a coaching staff level,

"Jets call timeout and no one addresses the players. No plan. No strategy. This happened during the TV timeout before the timeout too. #nhljets #outcoached"

This leaves fans to wonder about how the Jets' season ended last season with the blow up from Rick Bowness and the questioning of the teams' future moving forward towards this season. Were the coaches the problem for the Winnipeg Jets this season? If they were not then what was the source of the problems in Winnipeg?

Whether or not these questions are ever answered there is always room for improvement for next season and there will definitely be talks for improvement.
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Leaked picture shows that the Jets just did not care about winning

Were the coaches of the Winnipeg Jets the source of their problems in the Playoffs?

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No37051.2 %
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