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Winnipeg Jets' Top Draft Picks Experiencing Different Levels of Success

Published December 18, 2023 at 11:21

These Winnipeg Jets' top draft picks are all experiencing differing levels of success, giving insight into whether the Jets' recent drafts were successful or not.

The Jets' last two first-rounders are Brad Lambert and Chaz Lucius, and both are playing this year with the Manitoba Moose.

Lambert Having Early Success With the Moose

Brad Lambert was the Jets 30th overall pick in 2022. He played a few games with the Moose last season before finishing the year out with his junior team. This season he is off to a hot start, potting 17 points in 20 games and centering the Moose's top line.



Lambert is also getting top powerplay time, cementing himself as a mainstay on the unit. Lambert is staying hungry for a potential call-up as well to the Jets as well.

Lucius Having Difficulty Staying Healthy Impacting His Overall Development

The Jets other first-rounder, from 2021, is Chaz Lucius. The Jets drafted Lucius 18th overall in the 2021 entry draft, and like Lambert, he has been playing in the minors for the Moose this season.

However, unlike Lambert, Lucius has had a more difficult time staying healthy. This has hurt his continued development at the AHL level, even though he has the skills to become a great NHL player. His extensive injury history, though, is a continuous thorn poking at his development path.

The Jets have confirmed that they aren't rushing either player to the NHL just yet, so they have time to develop their game in the AHL. The future is bright in Winnipeg, and hopefully, both first-rounders will turn into successful picks for the Jets.

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Winnipeg Jets' Top Draft Picks Experiencing Different Levels of Success

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