Potential Trade Targets For The Winnipeg Jets Are Revealed

Tyler Ball
January 14, 2024  (5:45 PM)

Winnipeg Jets bench during a home game in the NHL.
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The NHL trade deadline is just around the corner. One of the teams expected to be active at the trade deadline is the Winnipeg Jets. If the Jets do explore the trade market there is one position they will likely look to upgrade most.

Jets Need To Improve The Center Ice Position

This season the one area that the Winnipeg Jets have struggled the most is depth at the center position. Mark Scheifele has been one of the better centers in the NHL over the last five seasons. Beyond him, the Jets have not found a consistent center to compliment Scheifele.
Each year it seems as though the Jets target a new center to plug into the lineup at the deadline. Players like Paul Stasntny and Kevin Hayes have been added to fill this role. Once again the Jets will be looking to add a player of this caliber to fill the hole.
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Top Center Options For The Jets Emerge On The Trade Market

As the trade deadline approaches the targets that are most likely to be available tend to emerge publicly. This has taken place over the last couple of weeks and now three options have been brought forward by a Youtuber called Peg City Hockey.
The first option the video names is Sean Couturier. Couturier at 31 years old is in the second year of an 8-year contract.

The Philadelphia Flyers are one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference. This normally would make one of their top centers hard to trade for. However, with Couturier's long contract, they might be willing to part with him. This would also be a major risk to take on for the Jets though.
Next up is Ottawa Senators veteran Claude Giroux. Giroux is in the second year of a three-year contract with the Senators.

To this point, things have not gone well for the Senators, and getting something out of a veteran center like Giroux might be enticing. He likely wouldn't cost a ton to acquire and has plenty of playoff experience.
The third option mentioned is Calgary Flames star Elias Lindholm. Lindholm is only a couple of years removed from being considered an elite center in the NHL.

After two dysfunctional years in Calgary, he finds himself in a contract year. If things are not going to work out in Calgary he could be a highly sought-after trade piece at the deadline.
The Jets would likely need to give up a big trade package to land Lindholm but he could be the missing link to playoff success that the Jets have been looking for.
As the Trade Deadline approaches the Jets will need to do some serious consideration of how close they think they are. If they think they are on the verge of a Stanley Cup contender making a big move for one of these players could be in the future.
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Potential Trade Targets For The Winnipeg Jets Are Revealed

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