NHL Insider Confirms the Fate of the Jets' Future in Winnipeg

Published October 25, 2023 at 1:25 PM

With the Jets facing some attendance issues, some have speculated there may be a move in their future. This NHL insider has now confirmed their fate.

Chipman Confirms that There is No Worry of Potential Jets Move

TSN's Darren Dreger sat down with the Winnipeg Jets Co-Owner Mark Chipman to discuss the Jets' potentially worrisome attendance to start the season. Chipman firmly confirmed that there is no risk of sale or relocation.

Dreger asked: «Is there any real threat of a sale, a relocation if this can't get turned around?»

Chipman: «No»

Chipman went on further to explain how this isn't the norm for Winnipeg, and how he is confident they can turn around the one-off decline in attendance. He believes that the ownership group has the fight in them to make it work.

«I can see how somebody might, how you can ask that question, you know, because it happened once is it a concern it could happen again because you're the smallest market. I'd say ‘Not on our watch'. We've been doing this far too long. We got into this for the very reason, for that heartbreak that you describe. It was that very emotion that brought us into this, that kept us in the fight to get a building built and then to acquire a team again. And then to have ten years of sellouts and two years of challenge brought on by a global pandemic. It would be a little extreme for us to say ‘Oh gee we're not sure this works anymore'.»

Jets Attendance Draws Scrutiny in NHL Media

The entire conversation surrounding the Jets' attendance was sparked after the Spittin Chiclets podcast discussed the worrisome trend in a recent episode. They compared how the Blue Bombers, the City's CFL team, could fill their stadium at similar prices, and that it makes no sense that the Jets couldn't also do that.

The Winnipeg Jets attendance issue makes zero sense.

With so many cities vying for NHL teams these days, and the NHL actively looking to expand, any market with declining numbers should be at least a bit worried about a potential relocation.

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NHL Insider Confirms the Fate of the Jets' Future in Winnipeg

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